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Take the drama out of clothes shopping with one stop for everything from suits and ties, to shoes and jeans. Come in and see Beltrami Woodbury, Long Island’s new full service men’s clothing store for unparalleled quality and personalized service. Beltrami Ltd. offers classic Italian menswear at an appropriate price. Timeless style for any occasion.

Visit our new location in Woodbury, Long Island, a beautiful store filled with Classic Italian Clothing, Tuxedo Rentals, Custom Clothing, Sportswear & Shoes. The standard of excellence in gentleman’s wear is the foundation that Beltrami stands firm on. This commitment to excellence has created a client base that is confident and well dressed for all seasons and occasions. Beltrami has eliminated the frustration and confusion of purchasing business and casual attire. The Beltrami man will always be dressed in timeless classics that incorporate all the significant elements of the latest fashions.

To ensure that your suit will fit perfectly, Beltrami carries all sizes and offers an in-house master tailor for both new purchases and your existing wardrobe.

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Beltrami Ltd. proudly moves to Woodbury after serving Huntington Village and Great Neck for 25 years.

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With Beltrami Stylists investing in a professional mens Wardrobe is easy.

When investing in a wardrobe the first thing you want to do is to establish a strong foundation of classic casual attire. When you start from a foundation of sportswear building your wardrobe becomes easier. From the basics, you can add in sport coats and a few suits, typically sticking to the classics. Nailing casual sportswear for your style is not always easy, allow Beltrami stylist Ben Youdim to help guide you. Once you have decided on your favorite shirts and pant styles (we can alter them for a perfect fit or at times provide off the shelf perfection) it is just a matter of putting perfectly coordinated outfits together.


A great style option are complimentary colors or same color combinations. Complimentary color combinations elongates the body making you appear taller and thinner. Styling casual clothing with the same or complimentary colors creates a clean casual look, it is a great way to highlight new accessories like belts and shoes. accessories like shoes or a great belt.

STYLE TIP – Stick with blues and neutrals while building your wardrobe foundation. You will have more outfitting options and the versatility will make you more confident when the time comes to add in additional colors and patterns.


Tone-on-tone casual outfits are a great version of solid color outfits. The slight amount of difference in the color between a top and bottom can make a huge difference in the feeling of the outfit. Navy pants with a lighter blue shirt is a classic example of a tone-on-tone outfit. The options are endless, but shades of grey with black accents make for a very modern look.

STYLE TIP – Make sure the hue matches, for example all colors can have a warm or cool tone. If you wear blue make sure both blues are are cool if you wear yellow make sure you wear warmer colors.


The easiest way to add color into your casual style. And by “color” we advise blue, olive, and burgundy. No neons or other colors you may be questioning.

STYLE TIP – Wear dark colors for a serious casual style – Deep jewel tones are great all year for men. Kings wore robes dyed in dark rich colors because they were rare and projected a sense of prestige. Today rich colors are not as rare but they still create the same sense of prestige.


The opposite of above, best done with jeans or classic colors. Olive green pants make a great option for this outfit, olive can be treated as a neutral.

STYLE TIP – Keep color grounded back to neutrals. This means wearing color on the top (shirt) and bottom (pants) can look busy or simply messy and uncoordinated if not done properly. It is best to match color tops to neutral bottoms, or color bottoms to neutral tops.


Often under-used, an example includes light chinos with a dark khaki top. Shades of grey can be a modern look that provokes a strong sense of casual style.

STYLE TIP – Dark wash and regular wash denim can be used as a neutral for most occasions – modern men have accepted denim into their daily routine. The more often we can naturally fit items into our lives, the more classic it becomes.


This is a primer for the next level of casual dressing, which adds in the novelty and interest. Often your accessories, like watches and belts, will do this task. When you need to step it up a notch pattern is a simple solution. Remember to start with the classics and then branch out. A simple dot is a great choice for this.

STYLE TIP – Stay away from plaid. This is a hard concept for most guys to grasp. Plaid is a trend and it is on a down cycle, overused, and on it’s way out. It is better to invest your money in prints, patterns, or large checks; which have more options to create your own casual style and do not look dated.


Black goes with everything. Often under-used is the black on top casual outfit. This is a must for every man, skin tone, and body type, you really can’t go wrong.

STYLE TIP – Pair black back to lighter color pants for a casual look. Darker bottoms will look more formal.


Similar to neutral combos, black and white combinations are so versatile and classic it deserves its own category. This should be a staple look in every guys casual wardrobe.

STYLE TIP – Wear light colors for a happier, lighter attitude. The power of the solid white shirt may never truly be understood. Paired back to light color denim, a white shirt is one of the best-positive-attitude casual outfits modern men can create.